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The Board of Directors of Qatar Islamic Insurance Group (Q.S.G.C.) is pleased to invite the Shareholders’ for the General Assembly Meeting to be held on Tuesday 5.4.2022 at main office of the group in C ring road at 9.30 p.m., in case the desired quorum for the first meeting is not achieved then the second reserved meeting will be held on Sunday 10.4.2022 at the same place, time and method. The shareholders wish to attend meeting through *Zoom* application must send there information and documents to email : or contact 44658808 – 55546307 after that the link will be send to them in order to intend the meeting, the other shareholders may attend personally according to the limit specified from the concerned authorities.


  1. To hear and discuss the report of the Board of Directors on the activities of the Group and the financial position for the Year ended 31.12.2021 of the Group and approve it .

2. To hear the report of the Shari’a Supervisory Board for the Financial Year ended 31.12.2021 and approve it.

3. To hear and discuss the Independent Auditors’ report on the Group’s financial statements presented by the Board of Directors for the Financial Year ended 31.12.2021 and approve it.

4. To discuss the Group Policyholders and Shareholders’ financial statements for the Year ended 31.12.2021. And to approve the recommendation made by the Board to  Distribute  cash dividend of 40 % of the share’s nominal value, i.e. QR 0,40 for each share held, to the shareholders for 2021 and approve it.

5. To absolve the Board of Directors from responsibility for the Financial Year ended 31.12.2021 and to determine their remuneration for the year 2021.

6. Discuss the report of the Governance 2021 and approve it.

7. To appoint the Independent Auditors for the Financial Year 2022 and to determine their fees and approve it.

  • A shareholder who cannot attend the Meeting in person may appoint another shareholder to represent him/her in writing . A shareholder  may  not  appoint  a Board  Member  as  a proxy,  and  the  number  of  shares  held   by  a shareholder as a proxy should not, under any circumstances, exceed 5 % of total issued shares. Companies’ representatives are requested to present an authorization letter appointing them as representatives in the Meeting.

The registration will start 1 a hour before begin meeting

Word and Chairman’s Report
Report of the head of the Sharia Supervisory Board
Financial Statements
Governance report