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Since inception in 1995, QIIG has grown steadily to become a leading Takaful insurance company in Qatar and the world. Combining adherence to the principles of Islamic Sharia with innovatory and dynamic management, we have continually upgraded our operations, and now lead the field in introducing new products and services to our customers.
Over the years, we have achieved outstanding levels of growth, with unprecedented gains across all classes of our business despite increased local & regional competition. This success reflects the Company’s strong financial position and its ability to adapt to changes in the business environment.It is also a measure of the strength of our management team, and it is noteworthy that QIIG has pursued a prudent underwriting policy in order to maintain a high quality insurance portfolio. Debt control is also a priority, and our bad debt provisions are now the lowest of any insurance company in Qatar.

And, because we are an Islamic insurance company working in a cooperative way, our success brings very real benefits to our customers in the form of reduced premiums and Annual cash or stock dividends.

QIIG offers a wide range of products and services for business including aviation, marine, freight, banking, electronics, computer, construction, engineering, energy and agricultural insurance. We also offer cover for business premises and other commercial needs, while our Balsam medical plans and Aman Takaful (life) insurance policies are available in individual, family and group form for company employees.

Our personal lines include medical, Takaful (life), motor, property, general accidents and travel. Life insurance that conforms with Islamic Sharia is one of the fastest growing areas of insurance, and QIIG is proud to pave the way in the Gulf region in offering this form of protection, with a savings and investment option included.

From the outset, QIIG has as its name suggests – operated according to Islamic principles. The company’s operations are supervised by our Sharia Supervisory Board, headed by Dr Waleed Mohammed Hadi. The Board monitors all our activities and gives its Sharia directives when requested.
Most of the Company’s products and services are accessible to all: wherever you are in the world, QIIG has the products and provides the level of service, to meet your insurance needs.QIIG is working to maintain its position as the world’s leading company in Takaful insurance, with a reputation for innovation and professionalism, and is building on its success, introducing new products aimed at meeting the requirements of specific market sectors. Upgrading of the systems is carried out regularly, and this has enabled us to maintain an excellent record of claims management. We are very proud of our historical performance in this respect, and place great emphasis on our solid and regularly upgraded control systems.

QIIG is the first insurance company in Qatar to offer insurance products and services on-line, and has maintained an impressive track-record of innovation in products, services and systems. QIIG introduced Self-Service Insurance machines(KIOSK), Mobile application for faster and easier services.

Our staff are highly trained to provide optimal advice and support to our customers. We attach great importance to training new recruits, and retraining existing staff, to the highest standards.