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Engineering Insurance

Whether you’re building someone’s dream or building for big business group, our comprehensive covers has your backup.

Our Engineering & Construction Plans:

Engineering and Construction Insurance

Your clients need experts they can rely on to help build their dream and we know that mistakes, delays and accidents can happen, so our policies are there to protect both you and your client through every stage of the project if something doesn’t quite go to plan.

Our Policies covers :

Contractors All-Risk Insurance

Erection All-Risk Insurance

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Machinery Breakdown / Loss of Profit Insurance

Contractor's Plant and Machinery Insurance

Boiler Insurance

Add ons:

Our Promise to you:

Quick Response

Get straight through to our friendly team, Our team is available from Sunday to Thursday from 7AM to 3PM.

Construction expertise

We understand the challenges and risks you regularly face and have built this into our policies.

Building big or small

Our policies are there to protect you regardless of project size.

Problem Solved

We are there to help you with any issues your project faces through our tailored products.

Smart questions you may be asking: View all

What is Car/Contractors All Risk Insurance/Contractors Work Insurance?

From the inception of the works, construction sites face an array of perils that could cost the contractor and all the parties involved both time and money if they do not have the best resources in place. It is therefore important that our clients obtain the correct cover for their specific projects in order to ensure that they do not suffer any unnecessary loss following an incident.

What is a Performance Guarantee?

A Performance Guarantee is issued on behalf of a contractor to guarantee the full and due performance of the contract according to the plans and specifications of the project.

What is the purpose of taking the Machinery Break down Policy?

Machinery and Equipment used in various industries are exposed to risks of unforeseen and sudden mechanical or electrical breakdown resulting in loss or damage. Such losses may be repairable or sometimes need replacement.

What all machines can be covered under the policy?

Any machine successfully tested and commissioned for normal production/use can be covered under the Machinery Insurance Policy. All machines like Turbines, Compressors, Air conditioners, lathes, presses, pumps, Alternators & Generators, Switch Gears & Transformers can be covered.

Can I prefer to insure only a few critical machines & avoid taking insurance for other auxiliary machines?

Yes. Selection of critical equipment is allowed but the machine needs to be insured as a whole.

Who can take the Erection All Risk policy?

The policy can be taken by any individual or organisation as Principal or Contractor of a project. It can be taken in joint names also.

Does Erection All Risk policy cover all risks as termed as All Risks policy?

No. The policy has few exclusions like War and nuclear perils, wear and tear, gradual deterioration, Damage due to faulty design, Consequential loss, etc.

Does the policy cover financial loss due to delay in completion of project?

No. The policy does not covers any consequential loss like loss of revenue due to delay in start-up or fines and penalties.

Claims Services

Peace of mind is just a few steps away.

No need to visit a Claims Office to file your claims! Our Online system is ready to help round the clock, call 44658888 for all inquiries related to your claims.

What to expect when you submit a Engineering or Construction claim

Step 1: Report Incident
You report the incident, with the required information.

Step 2: Claim Assessment
Once you report the claim and submit your documents, we can start your claim process. We record details of the incident, assess your case and email you with guidance on the next steps. Depending on the loss, we might need to come to review the damages in person.

Step 3: Receive claim reference number
Once the Engineering insurance claim is opened, within a couple of days you will also receive an email with a claim reference number. Use this claim reference number to track the status of your claim throughout the process.

What documents you’ll need

First thing’s first. Make sure you have all of the right details and documents ready, so you can easily report the incident to us.

To submit a notification of your Engineering or Construction claim, you will need:
•Policy number
•Mobile number
•Email address
•Contact Person Name
•Time, date and location of incident
•Description of what happened
•Estimated value of loss

Where to submit your claim

You can report the incident to us by phone, fax, or email.



Submit your Engineering claim online.