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Group Life Insurance

Insuring your family well-being

Your health matters. We’ll make sure that you and your loved ones get the treatment they need, whenever they need it.

Our Group Life Plans:

Employee Basic Life Insurance - AMAN

Protecting a family/employer in the event of the untimely death or permanent total disability of its provider through the sum payment assured to the policyholder

Group Credit Life HEMAYA

Products designed to cover the payment of debts, finances and facilities provided by Islamic and conventional banks, financing companies or investment houses to an individual borrower.

Full settlement of the Financial debt by QIIG in the event of the untimely death or total disability due to illness or accident of the policyholder (debtor).

What is covered:

Employee Basic Life Insurance
A set amount that is paid out to a deceased employee’s designated beneficiary (or beneficiaries)

Add Ons:

Supplementary Cover Benefits are as follows:

Group Accidental Death Insurance Rider

Group Accidental Disability Insurance Rider

Group Natural Disability Insurance Rider

Group Critical Illness Insurance Rider

Group Temporary Total Disability (Sickness) Insurance Rider

Group Accidental Medical Expense Insurance Rider

Group Mortal Repatriation

Our Promise to you:

Tailored policies

We know that everybody is different, so our policies are tailored to your employees’ needs.

Caring and supportive

When life gets tough for your employees we will help to make this time as easy as possible.


Should you need to claim, we keep it as straightforward as possible.

Smart questions you may be asking: View all

What is Group Life Insurance?

Group life insurance is term life insurance that extends cover to a group of people usually employees of Companies, Banks, NGOs or members of a union or association for a defined period. It covers life insurance of Groups that exist for purposes.

Who are eligible under Group Life insurance?

Any employee/member who is actively & regularly working for remuneration is eligible for insurance under a Group Life Scheme.

What should be the minimum number of employees / members for Group Life Insurance?

The Corporate Entity should have at least 10 members for obtaining Group Life Insurance.

How is the Premium Calculated?

Premium is calculated as follows: Annual Premium = (Total Rate x Total sum assured) / 1000

What is Free Cover Limit?

The Free Cover Limit is the amount of coverage automatically provided to any group member for which personal Health Questionnaire and Medical Requirements are not mandatory.

What is the maximum and minimum eligibility age limit as per standard terms?

The policy provides coverage to all eligible employees/ members from the minimum age of 18 years & to the maximum age of 60 years.

Claims Services

Peace of mind is just a few steps away.

No need to visit a Claims Office to file your claims! Our Online system is ready to help round the clock, call 44658888 or WhatsApp 44658899 for all inquiries related to your claims.

What to expect when you submit a Life claim

Step 1: Report Incident
You report the incident, with the required information.

Step 2: Claim Assessment
Once you report the claim and submit your documents, we can start your claim process. We record details of the incident, assess your case and email you with guidance on the next steps. Depending on the loss, we might need to come to review the details.

Step 3: Receive claim reference number
Once the Life insurance claim is opened, within a couple of days you will also receive an Email/SMS with a claim reference number. Use this claim reference number to track the status of your claim throughout the process.

What documents you’ll need

First thing’s first. Make sure you have all of the right details and documents ready, so you can submit your claim as smoothly as possible.

To submit your medical claim, you will need:
•Policy number
•Medical report
•Detailed bill
•Payment receipt
•Insured personal banking details
•Claim form*

Where to submit your claim

If you are a Group Life Insurance policyholder, you can submit your claim to our Life Takaful insurance department at QIIG main office with original documents.

To get in touch with us about any medical claims questions, email us at and we will be happy to help you


4465 8899

Submit your Life claim online.