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Medical Insurance

Peace of Mind-Guaranteed

Your health matters. We’ll make sure that you and your loved ones get the treatment they need, whenever they need it.

Our Medical Plans:

Balsam Visitors

The Visitors plan is one of our insurance policies that we created specifically for your visitors coming to the Qatar. The policy is designed to cover any visitor’s health insurance worries and can be purchased before departure from any worldwide country.

Balsam General

Covering all your adequate medical needs. Balsam Standard medical insurance plan covers most of the medical services provided as an outpatient as well as an inpatient, including the expenses incurred in diagnosis, medical treatment & medicines.

Balsam Bronze

The Bronze plan is a decently designed and reasonably priced plan. The plan offers a range of options to select what suits you most. The plan also has the flexibility to opt for routine dental cover if required.

Balsam Silver

The Silver plan offers comprehensive coverage for inpatient and outpatient services. This health insurance plan has range of options to select that suits the member the most. Routine dental care and major dental care can be selected. Vision care is also offered as an option that can be selected if required.

Balsam Gold

The Gold plan is an exclusive health insurance plan designed for members who do not like to compromise on benefits. This plan offers coverage for inpatient and outpatient services. Routine dental care and major dental care can be selected. Vision care is also offered as an option that can be selected if required.

What is covered:

Emergency Medical Assistance
Emergency Medical Assistance, Covid Coverage

Hospitalization Benefit
Hospital charges, Cancer and kidney dialysis treatment , Pre/post hospitalization treatment, Home nursing

Outpatient Benefit
GP Doctor Consultation, Prescribed medicines, Health check-ups, Vaccinations

Optional Dental Benefit
Routine dental checks, Extractions, Implants, Crowns

Optional Vision Benefit
Eye checks, Eyeglasses or contact lenses

Our Promise to you:

Best Treatment

Our large network will give you quick access to the best medical professionals.

Flexible Plans

Flexibility to choose benefits according to your needs rather than buying a preset plan

Health is wealth

All our policies are tailored to your medical needs to keep you happy and healthy.

Total Protection

Total protection to complete your coverage

Smart questions you may be asking: View all

What’s not covered by our Medical Health Insurance policy?

Our health insurance policy will not provide coverage for the following- • Cosmetic or Obesity treatment • Pregnancy-related conditions • Injuries caused due to self-harm or suicide attempt • Injuries suffered due to adventure sport, war, nuclear explosion, defense operations

How to claim a cashless facility in health insurance?

Getting cashless claims is extremely simple. All you have to do is seek treatment in one of the network hospitals covered under your medi-claim policy. Upon completion of the treatment, the hospital files a claim with the insurer, and the insurance company settles the bill directly with the hospital. Policyholders need not pay a single penny for cashless claims.

What happens when you don’t renew health insurance on time?

Your health insurance policy offers cover against medical expenses. If a person meets with a medical emergency, then they can file for a claim with health insurance. However, a policyholder will not get such benefits when the health insurance policy has expired. The person must pay the medical expenses out of their pocket. Therefore, it is extremely important that you remember the expiry date of your medical insurance policy and renew your health insurance plan on time to enjoy interrupted protection.

What factors determine the premium payable for health insurance ?

Under health insurance, the age and the amount of cover are two main factors that decide the premium. Usually, younger people are considered healthier and thus pay lower annual premiums. Older, people pay a higher health insurance premium as their risk of health problems or illness is higher. Similarly, smokers and those who consume alcohol have higher premiums. Even the nature of your job and where you stay can influence the premium of your medical insurance policy.

Can I buy more than one Health Insurance policy?

Yes, you can have more than one medical insurance policy. In case of a claim, you can choose which policy to use to cover your costs. The benefit of having 2 health insurance plans is that, once the Sum Insured of one policy is exhausted, the remaining medical expenses, if any, can be claimed through the second health insurance policy.

What is a TPA and what is its role?

TPA is short for Third Party Administrator. TPAs are IRDAI authorized entities that act as intermediaries between the general insurance company & the policyholder. They provide policyholders with numerous services such as claim guidance, issuance of photo identity cards, providing approval for cashless claims, guidance for rejected claims, and so on.

Claims Services

Peace of mind is just a few steps away.

No need to visit a Claims Office to file your claims! Our Online system is ready to help round the clock, call 44658888 or WhatsApp 44658899 for all inquiries related to your claims.

What to expect when you submit a medical claim-click to expand

Step 1: Direct billing within network
If you are getting medical treatment within our network, no claim is needed. All you need to do is present your medical insurance card and we will cover the cost of treatment outside of the deductible.

Step 2: Reimbursement outside network
If you get medical treatment outside our network or overseas, then you will need to submit a claim for reimbursement.

Step 3: Claim settlement
If you submit a medical claim because you need us to reimburse you, we will do this by transferring the amount directly into your bank account. You will receive an email/SMS notification when the transfer is complete.

What documents you’ll need

First thing’s first. Make sure you have all of the right details and documents ready, so you can submit your claim as smoothly as possible.

To submit your medical claim, you will need:
•Policy number
•Medical report
•Detailed bill
•Payment receipt
•Insured personal banking details
•Claim form*

Where to submit your claim

If you are an Individual Medical Insurance cardholder, you can submit your claim to our medical insurance department at QIIG main office with original documents.

To get in touch with us about any medical claims questions, email us at and we will be happy to help you


4465 8899

Submit your medical claim online.