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Motor Insurance

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Motor InsuranceHaving auto insurance can save you in several ways, and surely keep you on the right side of the law. With thousands of cars going in and out of Qatar, it is expected that accidents occur, which in cases can be costly. One way to keep safe and avoid these unnecessary expenses is having car insurance. Especially when there are bodily injuries, because motor insurance comes in to protect you from hefty fines and medical expenses; and most of all, provides you with peace of mind as you drive.

Types of Car Insurance Covers Provided by QIIC

QIIC provides three main types of car insurance covers mainly; Motor Compulsory Insurance, Motor Comprehensive Insurance (A’ Shamil) (my car and the one I hit), and Road Travelers Orange Card. Each of those types caters to the especial needs and requirements for the insured party.

Compulsory Insurance

QIIC Motor Compulsory Insurance would help you pay for damages or losses caused in car accidents. This type of insurance covers the damages caused to third parties or any damages to the state’s facilities and amenities. Our company is among the best insurance companies in Qatar as we provide tailored insurance solutions to cover all expenses involved in such accidents.

Additionally, Third Party Car Insurance” is best suited for those drivers who have less than perfect credit or driving history. It is also a savior for those with a bad driving record that could include moving violations or at-fault crashes. We at QIIC ensure that you get the best services as well as the best low cost auto insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance (A’ Shamil)

On the other hand, Comprehensive Car Insurance covers the expenses of fixing your car as well as the third party’s vehicle in addition to any medical expenses that may rise.

Why Choose QIIC Car Insurance

Searching and comparing between different car insurance companies, is based on you narrowing down your choices to which brings you the most conveniences. With the remarkable growth of online auto insurance services, you can compare car insurance quotes online which has streamlined and modernized the entire process of shopping for auto insurance quotes. What in the past could eat up an entire day, can now be managed in no time. QIIC offer you the best car insurance online, with increased convenience that helps you with choosing the right auto insurance coverage for you.

Understanding the advantage of QIIC car insurance, will allow you to see the importance of having one and help you get the maximum value from the cover that you choose. Despite the fact that the main benefit of car insurance is the peace of mind that comes with it, there are also plenty of other advantages to having yourself and your car protected by QIIC car insurance covers.

As a leading insurance company QIIC offers you a number of different car insurance rates designed to meet your needs and budget. Our team of highly specialized insurance experts will guide you through the various car insurance options and provide you with the best solutions. Choosing QIIC has made getting a full and affordable car insurance an easy hassle free process.