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Money-Bankers Insurance

Money / Bankers Insurance

All about Bankers and Money Insurance

In the past several years, the role of banks and financial institutions has gained enormous significance. More recently and for a long time, bankers’ insurance companies have started to play a very important role in reducing the burden on banks which has been weighed down by various factors. The insurance industry is one that is large and continuously changing, which is why it is hard sometimes to choose the company with the best products and the best prices for your specific needs. QIIC team of expertise knows well the insurance needs for money and banks sector, and is working continuously to provide the most suitable tailored insurance solutions for every unique need.

First of all, Bankers insurance covers are specially designed in order to meet the distinct needs of banks and financial institutions, as well as to protect against the financial losses that could arise during the course of their various operations. The value lies in obtaining the fitting plans to their right needs, which can easily be obtained when you have a trained agent to answer your questions and provide you with the consistent service you are seeking. As an insurance company in Qatar with experience in bankers and financial institutions insurance, we guide our clients seamlessly through the seemingly otherwise complex process in order to be protected should the worst ever happen. In such a case, Bankers Insurance gives you the confidence that you are taken care of.

Cash in Safe Insurance

It is a specialized type of insurance designed for securing money or monetary means existing in the teller safe, office or depositing places against risks such as theft or robbery.

Cash in Transit Insurance

On the other hand, Cash in transit insurance secures money from risks such as theft and loss while being moved from one place to another.

With theft insurance, there needn’t be any more worries about robbery when you travel to the bank to deposit your earnings. Since theft is a concern for many people and institutions alike, money in transit insurance generally covers all risks of loss including acts of theft that may happen to money while in transit.

Fidelity Guarantee

Also, QIIC Fidelity Guarantee protects the business from the abuse of the company’s money and assets by employees. It is designed to cover the insured for the loss of money or property that is sustained as a direct result of acts of theft, fraud, or dishonesty by an employee during the employment.

Banker’s Blanket Bond

Further, Banker’s blanket bond is a fidelity bond that is purchased to provide a comprehensive coverage to banking operations. It simply protects a bank against the various losses from a variety of criminal acts carried out by an employee.