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Energy Insurance


Energy Insurance Cover from QIIC

At QIIC, our skilled team of insurance professionals stands ready to answer our needs and work with you to create the most comprehensive insurance solution. Our energy division offers clients what they need in terms of assurance and protection for their business. The energy insurance services will keep our clients properly protected if and when any unpredictable events occur. With a deep understanding of their industry, environment, their operations, and what they need the most, our services are based on extensive specialized expertise and innovative solutions. The all-encompassing resources mean that we can arrange protection that is tailored to your particular operations.

The Importance of Energy Insurance for Oil and Gas Industries

It is known that the oil and gas industry is one that is growing and changing at a rapid rate; as a result, risk moderation is more critical and valuable every day. We understand your industry and your concerns, which is why we have designed well-rounded policies, that aim to mitigate every risk present to you, through our oil and gas insurance coverage. In turn, our team works hand in hand with clients to create just that, giving you the protection and peace of mind you need to better focus on your business needs.

It is clear that there are also growing risks within the oil and gas industry, especially with further development of new technologies and innovative solutions catering to the growing global needs for fuel.

Why Choose QIIC Energy Insurance

As one of the best Oil and Gas insurance companies, QIIC offers the needed comprehensive insurance protection, while keeping affordability top of mind. It is much assuring to have this security as you venture into high risk situations to pursue new opportunities. You can rest assured that oil and gas insurance cover provided by QIIC helps you minimize the various risks that are associated with success in this industry.

Catering to the diverse client base, QIIC provides unparalleled expertise and a multitude of attractive benefits for various organizations in distinct classes of insurance; including the oil and gas industry. Our insurance encompasses Upstream, Midstream and Downstream activities. Coverage includes construction activities, both onshore and offshore and operational assets.

We strive to leverage frontier markets and expand our comprehensive services through our experience and market knowledge.

This enables us to deliver a large selection of insurance products that are uniquely designed for the many companies and employees within the oil and gas industry. Our Oil and Gas insurance services are designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of such a challenging industry. We provide you with a full range of protection full of tailor-made solutions fitting all the custom needs as well as the objectives of clients in the oil and gas industry.