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Unified GCC Traffic Week 2014

30th edition of Unified GCC Traffic Week 2014

Your Safety is Our Goal

Under the guidance of Mr.  Ali Ibrahim Al-AbdulGhani –CEO, Qatar Islamic Insurance participated in 30th edition of Unified GCC Traffic Week 2014, which was held in Doha for the period from March 9 to March 15 under the slogan ( Our goal is your safety ). Qatar Islamic Insurance With  objective to raise traffic awareness among the citizens and residents in the country, resulting to the lessening of traffic accidents and safeguarding the life of the road users.

Brigadier Mohammed Saad Al Kharji, Director of the Traffic Department  pointed out the importance of the support from the people in order to fulfill this objective by obeying the traffic rules and informing the traffic violations to the concerned authority on time. In addition, Al Kharji praised the citizens and residents who cooperated with traffic department by sending the pictures of violation through Metrash 2.

The traffic week event is an important annual event aimed at raising awareness and intensifying efforts to preserve the lives and public wealth, and the embodiment of cooperation and coordination between the brotherly GCC countries. It is intended to unify the campaigns along the GCC countries to ensure the safety of their people, since it started in 1984. The traffic departments in GCC are coincided to celebrate the event in March every year.

The week-long event consists of programmes, including awareness lectures by experts in traffic affairs, workshops and traffic-based entertainment targeting children. The department has set up a large tent at Darb Al Saai, to host all the events along with two theaters, one indoor and another outdoor.